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Understand what is a P11D and our P11D service

A P11D tax form is a HMRC document used by an employer to annually report certain expenses and benefits paid or made available to directors and employees.

It is designed to provide HMRC with details of specific taxable benefits in kind which cannot, or the employer has chosen not, to be included in the payroll and subject to PAYE and NIC deduction during the course of a year.

The P11D is completed by the 6th of July for the previous tax year. eg: P11D completed and issued 6th July 2023 would cover the tax year 6th April 2022 to 5th April 2023.


Annual P11D reporting provides an employer with the opportunity to pay any National Insurance Contributions that may be due on benefits received by employees that were not processed through payroll.

Employers must complete the P11D filing by 6th July every year.

Employers must provide employees with their P11D form by the 6th of July every year.

Cox & Co. issue P11D forms and copies of P11Ds to employers via the employer portal.

An overview of P11D reporting for Employers (PYR026)


An employer will complete their annual P11D reporting and provide HMRC with the right benefit information about their employee’s remuneration package that may affect personal tax liabilities. Benefits such as company cars, mobile phone costs and health care will be calculated and reported to HMRC.

Cox & Co. issue P11D forms to employees via their employee portals. Employees will receive an email informing them their P11D is available to review and download.

An employee will use the P11D form to complete their self-assessment tax return by the end of January every year.

P11Ds – An employees guide to P11Ds for reporting benefits-in-kind (MFJ015)