Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision for Payroll Solutions

We envision a future where empowered employers and engaged employees confidently handle payroll and pensions, while businesses maximise their payroll solution’s value.


Cox & Co. gives employers peace of mind by ensuring legal compliance, accurate employee remuneration, and meeting legislative deadlines for payroll obligations.

We resolutely focus on streamlining payroll and pension processes through secure digital services and personalised employee support. Our mission ambitiously empowers businesses to unlock the full potential and value of their payroll solution.

Whether you're a charity, a limited company or a startup - we can help

Innovative Payroll and Pension Services

Formed by Steve Cox MCIPP in 2009, our mission is to place employee financial wellbeing and payroll empowerment at the heart of your business.

Our focus is on providing you with high-end outsourced payroll and pension services designed to save you time. By ensuring compliance with legislative requirements, infrastructure security, and enhancing business resilience, we aim to alleviate your concerns and streamline your operations.  Our dedication to innovation, meticulous payroll management, and continuous professional development not only benefit us but also directly translate into tangible advantages for you, ensuring a seamless and reliable service experience.

Expertise in Payroll and Pension Consulting

As experts in payroll and pension consulting, we are Full Members of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, founding members of the Association of Bureau Managers and the Payroll Bureau Association. We are consistently sought after for consultancy advice by various entities within the reward industry, helping pension companies and payroll software developers enhance their products to meet industry standards.

Our commitment extends to the advancement of payroll education, and we actively contributed to the development of the Level 5 Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship.