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New Job? Your Guide to Getting Paid, Benefits & Leaving Your Role (UK)

Landing your first job is exciting, but navigating payslips, pensions, and paperwork can be overwhelming.

This guide is here to help! We’ll break down everything new employees in the UK need to know about getting paid, benefits, and even what to do when you move on.

Getting Started Smoothly:

New Starter Forms: Completing new starter forms is your first step as an employee. These typically involve tax forms, bank details for salary deposits, and emergency contact information. Ensure you fill them out accurately to avoid delays in receiving your pay.

What to expect when you start a new job

How to complete a new starter form

Common Pay-Related Questions:

Sick Pay: Feeling under the weather? Many employers offer sick pay, which means you get paid even when you’re too ill to work. P60 and P11D?: Understand what these important documents are

What are Statutory Benefits and how do you receive them?

What is a P60 and why do I need one?

What is a P11D and how do I use it?


Some employers offer a pension plan to help you save for retirement. Action: Familiarise yourself with your company’s pension scheme and your contribution rate (if applicable).

A guide to pensions with your employer

Moving On to New Opportunities

Leaving Your Job: Thinking of a change? There’s usually some paperwork involved when leaving a job. This might include providing written notice and returning any company property.

What to expect when you leave a job!

Bonus Tip: By understanding these key aspects of employment, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate your new job with confidence. Congratulations again, and best of luck!