British Small Animal Veterinary Association – Case Study

British Small Animal Veterinary Association – Case Study

The Challenge

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) exists to promote excellence in small animal practice through education and science.

Employing over 30 staff at their Gloucestershire office, BSAVA were dissatisfied with their payroll provider whose service was inflexible and cumbersome to manage.  BSAVA required a payroll service provider that would work with them closely and one that was flexible and could meet their unique needs quickly.

The requirement for a totally flexible and responsive payroll service that led Carole Haile, Customer Support Manager at BSAVA to question their existing provider’s abilities and also consider taking the function in-house.

As a charity, we are extremely keen to ensure that our business has continuity regardless of fluctuations in funding or available expertise – that is why we outsource our payroll.

However, we were finding that our long term payroll provider was neither delivering nor meeting our needs. The service was just that – a service. We felt completely detached from our payroll; the pay cycle was massive. Updating employee information on the fly was unresponsive and the reports that we received back were cumbersome and useless. We thought that it must be an inherent problem with outsourcing, full stop.

We decided to look for an alternative provider and for a time we seriously considered moving our payroll back in-house. When we approached Cox & Co it certainly was with very tentative and sceptical steps. But we did our homework, and took the time to research their credentials and had numerous conversations with a number of their high profile clients. All of which spoke very highly of them.

As charity payroll specialists Cox & Co just got it! They understood our unique needs and very quickly integrated with our organisation. We had a parallel run one month and then we went live the next.