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ePayslips Explained

ePayslips – any time, anywhere – an evolutionary step

ePyslip evolution

Introducing ePayslips

We offer our clients’ employees the facility to securely access their payslips, P60s and P11Ds online, using HMRC-accredited payroll software and gateways.

ePayslips is a self-service payslip facility that enables employees to access their payslips directly from a secure website, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This increases accessibility, privacy, security and efficiency.

It’s the modern solution to an age-old problem!

ePayslips – why change?

Your staff are your organisation’s most valuable asset but keeping them well motivated and committed takes effort.

We can help you achieve this employer utopia by facilitating your next internal operational evolution. It’s a solution designed around your employee’s needs – easy, accessible, private, secure, permanent storage of pay-related paperwork.

ePayslips – how do they work?

ePayslips replace paper payslips. Using HMRC-accredited ‘HTTPS’ encryption, your employee’s payslips will be uploaded to a secure dedicated hosting centre. Each employee will be provided with a unique ID and password (which they can change). They can access their pay information using any computer or mobile device that has internet access – any time, anywhere in the world.

How can ePayslips benefit my organisation?

How can ePayslips benefit my employees? much extra will ePayslips cost me?

Nothing! Our standard monthly fee is all-inclusive. We want your payroll to embrace today’s innovations to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Learn how we helped the National Osteoporosis Society, a national charity, implement ePayslips or contact us now to discuss your payroll requirements »