New start up business – want to outsource?

Starting your own business can be an exhilarating yet challenging time and becoming an employer can add unexpected responsibilities too.

Cox & Co. understand that new business owners sometimes find the process of recruiting and meeting their legal and statutory obligations confusing or worrying – that is where we can help.


Who should run a PAYE scheme?

Limited Companies
Some Directors choose to pay the bulk of their income via dividends from profits. However, they may still pay themselves an amount up to their NI threshold to ensure their NI contributions are kept up to date on an annual basis.

Limited companies that have employees (including directors and secretaries) must be registered for PAYE and therefore are required to run a payroll system. This will include producing calculated payslips, RTI PAYE remittances and year end filing with HMRC.

From as little as £10.00 per month, we can register as your PAYE agent, calculate your payroll on an agreed cycle and ensure that all your statutory payroll obligations are fully met. Leaving you to concentrate on what you know best – your new business.

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Taking on your first employee

PAYE Schemes for New Employers

In order to register your organisation as an employer you will need to collate the following information:


We will ask for the following information about your employees:


We also need some details about your payroll:


If you're using simplified PAYE procedures for domestic employees, we need:


If your business is structured as a partnership, we require:


If your business is a limited company, we will ask for:


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