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Broadway Lodge Case study

The Challenge

Broadway Lodge is a registered charity providing residential treatment, counselling and support services for people with addiction. They employ nearly 90 staff. Having outsourced their payroll to a large bureau they found it was not reducing their costs or workload. Complex user front-ends and poor helpdesk support added to their difficulties.

Company secretary Becky Hollingdrake explains her 2009 decision to switch to Cox & Co. and the benefits this has brought.

“We manage almost 90 staff with different working hours and shift patterns. We outsourced our payroll to a large bureau and were not happy with the service we were receiving, but we also believed the difficulties of changing supplier would far outweigh any benefits.

As a charity we need a payroll provider who understands our business and who we can rely on. I contacted Cox & Co. in 2009 and was instantly reassured – their approach was impeccable. As a bonus their annual fee was £2,000 less than the existing provider, a considerable saving.

Transferring our payroll to them was easy. They collected what was needed and there was very little I had to do myself. They instantly proved their experience in our sector as we had a parallel run one month and went live the next!

Cox & Co.’s standard service really does cover everything. For example, we don’t pay for additional reports, and statutory sick and maternity pay is automatically calculated. I am reassured that I can phone and get instant advice from knowledgeable staff when I need it. Also, it’s a small thing but they even provide branded payslips, free of charge. Such professional polish really instils confidence.

I never hesitate to recommend Cox & Co. to others. They have greatly improved our payroll provision and over the years will save us thousands of pounds – money we can now use to benefit our clients.”


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