Auto enrolment

Starting from October 2012 every employer will need to have a pension scheme in place and required to automatically enrol certain workers into that scheme and make contributions on their behalf.

Auto Enrolment (AE) is being gradually introduced, with all existing employers being ‘staged’ by April 2017.

These new employer duties are designed to encourage more people to save for their retirement. They are detailed within hundreds of pages of legislation which cover what the duties are, when they will apply and what happens if you fail to comply.

Your auto enrolment responsibilities as an employer

As an employer, here are some of the things you will need to do before, on and after your staging date.

Before your staging date

On your staging date

After your staging date


Our auto enrolment role as your payroll provider

Cox & Co. we will play a significant role in the AE process, with the key element being the ‘assessment of employees’.

As part of the payroll process we will carry out the following tasks

Helping you further with your auto enrolment

Our experience with employers who have already ‘staged’ is that there is no standard data format in place, meaning each pension provider is requesting different data from the employer. Furthermore whilst many pension providers are undertaking to provide employee communications, some are not.

This discrepancy between employer and pension provider has led us to extend our AE capabilities to include the following additional services:

For help and advice on getting ready for auto enrolment

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